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A night of history and nostalgia with Ian Wallace

On Thursday December 1st at 7.15 for a 7.30pm start, Ian Wallace will be presenting

"Over 100 years old - Photography in Colour and 3D".

Visitors welcome - fee for the evening just £3, payable on the night.

Ian says,

“In the talk I will explain a little of my own photographic journey with alternative and Analog processes and tell how photography led me into Photo History projects.

I will be telling the story of how both 100 year old colour and 3D images from West Berkshire Museum have ended up in my recent projects.

There will be a good chunk of my paper for the V&A Colour Fever festival and some of my recent talk about the history of 3D photography in Newbury. This latter 3D talk includes some interesting details of the formation of the first camera club in Newbury.

Also, I hope to bring along one of the oldest photographs any of your members are likely to have seen will also bring a small assortment of historical photographic items that members can examine”.

Ian will also be bringing along a selection of his published books.

Visit Ian's web site at

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