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Mary McIntyre - Photographing the Milky Way from the UK

GUEST SPEAKER 20TH MAY 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom.

Visitor Fee for the evening just £2 payable in advance.

A special event for our Chairman’s Evening on the 20th May with our guest speaker Mary McIntyre:

Photographing the Milky Way from the UK – "Imaging the Milky Way from the UK can be tricky, but definitely worth the effort! In this talk I cover all aspects of trying to get the best Milky Way shots from the UK using basic camera equipment. Most of my Milky Way photography has been done from Oxfordshire where there is considerable light pollution so I also cover the image processing techniques that have worked for me. Part of this talk covers material which was featured in an article that I wrote for the October 2018 issue of Sky at Night magazine. Even if you aren’t interested in astronomy in general, the Milky Way can provide a dramatic backdrop to any nightscape photography."

Visit Mary's web site at

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