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Paul & Jenny Bailey: Alaska - the Last Frontier

SPEAKERS 30TH SEPTEMBER 2021 at 7.00 for 7.30pm start.

Visitor Fee for the evening just £3, payable on the night.

One of our members, Jenny Bailey and her husband, Paul, will present a photographic journey through Alaska in two contrasting seasons.

The first part will catalogue a cold and grey early spring in Anchorage and the surrounding area.

The second part will contrast this with a relatively warm and vibrantly colourful early autumn journey starting in Vancouver, working up the Alaskan panhandle to Anchorage, and up through central Alaska via Denali National Park, to Fairbanks and the Dalton Highway - the “ice road”.

The presentation will focus on the landscapes, flora, fauna and, of course, the Alaskan pipeline and Aurora Borealis.

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Looking forward to this evening! 😃

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