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Results of our PDI Competition - Theme Contre-Jour

On 16th February, we held the third round of our PDI competition. The theme was Contre-jour. Many thanks to Ashley Francis for an excellent evening's judging.

To clarify the theme, Contre-jour means "a photograph taken with the camera pointed more or less in the direction of the principal light source or with the strongest light behind the subject". Needless to say, there were a lot of sunsets/sunrises!

Here are the results:

1st - Sunrise by Andrew Buchanan

2nd - Dragonfly into the Light by Tony Ware

3rd - Walk on By by Kevin Sheldrake

Highly Commended - Stepping Down by Alvin Webb

Highly Commended - Golden Hour by Kevin Sheldrake

Highly Commended - Mara Sunset by Ray Hems

Highly Commended - Evening Stroll by Kevin Sheldrake

Well done to everyone who entered.

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