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Results of our second Print Competition

On 12th January, we held the second round of our Print competition. It was an open theme judged by Mike Cullis.

Don't forget, this season we are using a new scoring system. The judge was asked to hold back approximately 20% of the entries for the evening. From these held back entries he picked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images and also some Highly Commended.

Scoring is 1st place - 6pts; 2nd place - 5pts; 3rd place - 4pts; Highly Commended - 3pts; Held Back - 2pts. All other entries score 1pt. Here are the results.

1st - Chasing Bubbles by Paul Holdaway

2nd - Meat Overload by Tony Ware

3rd - Imminent Ball Strike by Tony Ware

Highly Commended - Milly Way over Portland Bill by Andrew Buchanan

Highly Commended - Frosty Morning Walk by Andrew Buchanan

Highly Commended - London Skyline by Andrew Buchanan

Highly Commended - Clevedon Pier by Rob Carpenter

Highly Commended - Hard Day by Jenny Bailey

Highly Commended - Jana by Paul Holdaway

Well done everyone.

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