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Results of our Specialty Competitions

On 26th October we held our annual print competitions for:

  • Best colour print (flora).

  • Best black and white print.

  • Panel of 3 related black and white prints.

There were some excellent prints on display. Well done to all who entered and many thanks to Ashley Francis for judging.

Here are the results:

Best Colour Flora Print

1st - Dead Leaves by Richard Pike

2nd - Bamboo Forest by Paul Holdaway

3rd - Radiant Tulip by Paul Holdaway

Highly Commended - Daisy by Richard Pike

Best Black and White Print

1st - Heads Up by Wilf Springer

2nd - Flight Path by Gina Robinson

3rd - White Water Rapids by Andrew Buchanan

Highly Commended - Water Jump by Alvin Webb

Highly Commended - Dandelion by Gina Robinson

Panel of 3 Related Black and White Prints

1st - Faces of the Caribbean by Geoff Addis

2nd - Iconic Trees by Andrew Buchanan

3rd - D Day Remembrance by Rob Carpenter

Highly Commended - Dead Flower Study by Richard Pike

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