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Results of the final PDI Competition Round

On 9th May we held the final round of our PDI competition with 51 entries. It was an open theme judged by Jason Hyde.

Here are the results:

Many congratulations to the winners for the season:

It was a very close result with joint first place winners - Jenny Bailey, Andrew Buchanan and Ray Hems. Only one point behind in 4th place - Tony Ware. So, on countbacks, the final result is:

1st - Jenny Bailey

2nd - Ray Hems

3rd - Andrew Buchanan

Here are the five top scoring images of the evening, all scoring 10s.

Battersea by Andrew Buchanan

Cross Section of Life by Peter Thompson

Hornbill on Gnarled Tree by Tony Ware

Up and Over by Alvin Webb

Wadi Rum at Sundown by Jenny Bailey

Congratulations, everyone!

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