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Sam Gregory - Environmental Landscape Photography

On Thursday May 11th at 7.15 for a 7.30pm start, we have our Annual Travel Lecture sponsored by Hermon Dowling ARPS. Sam Gregory will be presenting "Environmental Landscape Photography". Visitors welcome - fee for the evening just £3.

Sam Gregory is a photographer & videographer based on the south coast of England. Like many, it was traveling that first inspired his love of photography, a desire to capture the differing landscapes he encountered on his journeys as a youngster, fired by his curiosity and wonder of the natural world. Now his focus is on working within the landscape, both natural and man-made to explore story-telling opportunities.

Sam said, "In this talk I discuss two projects of work based around changing landscapes and the direct impact of climate change. I will also elaborate on the power and responsibility of photography to inform, inspire, and motivate the creator and viewer into action".

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