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Astrid McGechan: Feel the Land – Photography and Emotion

GUEST SPEAKER 13TH MAY 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom.

Visitor Fee for the evening just £2 payable in advance.

One of the highlights of the club programme is our Annual Travel Lecture. This year we have been able to secure a booking of an amazing photographer - Astrid McGechan.

"Photography and emotion go hand in hand.

When I started out in photography years ago, I did not think much about what I felt when seeing something I wanted to photograph: I just picked up the camera and pressed the shutter button to capture what I saw.

In 2010, I held my first exhibition, jointly with fellow photographer Huw Alban. The strongest memory I have of that event is of a visitor, who told me that she was going through difficult times with her family. But looking at my photographs made her feel much better, they conveyed a sense of harmony, beauty and calm, she said. She returned twice over the following two weeks, each time silently taking in the work.

I realised then that being able to convey an emotion with my photographs is very important to me. So I started to try and be more aware of what I feel when exploring a scene, and determine what influence my state of mind has on the resulting photograph. Over time, this process has helped me to change the way I make my photographs, and, hopefully, to produce photographs that convey feelings and thoughts and thus evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

In this lecture, I will explain how I try to capture my emotions of the moment in a photograph. I will be showing a selection of my images to illustrate the various techniques that I have found helpful."

Visit her web site at

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