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Results of our first PDI Competition of the Season

On 22nd September, we held the first round of the new season PDI competition. The theme was "Tools" judged by Steve Kirkby.

This season we are using a new scoring system. The judges will be asked to hold back approximately 20% of the entries for the evening. From these held back entries they will be asked to pick 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images. They will also pick some Highly Commended images from the held back entries. Scoring will be 1st place - 6pts; 2nd place - 5pts; 3rd place - 4pts; Highly Commended - 3pts; Held Back - 2pts. All other entries score 1pt.

The results are as follows:

Here are the top scoring images:

1st - Dentist Anyone by Andrew Endean

2nd - Hammer in Motion by Richard Pike

3rd - Cutting Through by Rob Carpenter

Highly Commended - Tool Box by Paul Holdaway

Highly Commended - Sander by Andrew Buchanan

Highly Commended - Coffee Break by Jenny Bailey

Highly Commended - Circumference Plane by Richard Pike

Well done to everyone who entered and thanks to Steve for his comprehensive critiques. It was a tough theme!

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